When the cold or turbulent weather starts to hit your home hard, storm windows can be your best defense against longstanding damage. If you’ve ever had to weather a harsh storm, you’ll already know how much storm windows do to keep your home free from leaking, moisture, and internal damage. But that’s just a small part of what the right Denver custom windows can do for your home. From keeping homes dry to making a home’s interior cooler and more energy efficient, a reliable set of storm windows can act as a defense against a ton of common problems that older homes face during volatile weather. If you’re shopping for storm windows and want to know the facts, here are some things to consider during your search.

They Prevent Long-Term Home Damage

Most homeowners use storm windows for one reason: To protect against serious damage during storm season. While storm windows do primarily exist to keep water and moisture out of your home during the rainy season, they’re also great at shielding your home from other harmful elements all year round. Whether your storm windows are thick glass panels or protective glazed screens, they can increase thermal insulation in your home and keep the elements from leaking in during even the wettest, high-wind storms. When storm windows are properly installed, rain, wind, snow, and dirt particles are kept from making their way into your home to do damage to its internal structure.

They’re Energy Efficient

In warmer climates, storm windows tend to be used only during the winter to protect from air gaps and moisture leaks. However, in climates with harsher winters or chillier year-round atmospheres, storm windows can be used all year to control a home’s internal temperature, increasing it by nearly 50%. Because storm windows naturally increase the R-value of a home’s regular windows, they can end up creating a tightly-sealed, fully customizable internal environment even during the coldest weather.

They Increase Curb Appeal

Whether a home has internal storm windows or external protectors, the visual appeal of storm windows can’t be argued. Not only are external storm windows an elegant way of protecting your home’s pre-existing windows from bad weather, they create a polished, completely private barrier from the outside. If you’re someone who wants to preserve your home for a later sale, storm windows will only help increase your property’s value over time.

They Protect Older Windows

Let’s say you have a much older home with historic elements. Not only do older home styles tend to be leakier, they’re also more brittle and much harder to protect from storms. The wear and tear of a few bad winters can do a number on the exterior (and interior) of a home you’re trying your best to preserve. Storm windows work by insulating your old windows and tightly sealing them from exposure to the outdoors. Rather than expose your beautiful antique windows to the elements, you can use storm windows to make sure they stay well-maintained for years to come.

They Reduce Dust and Dirt Buildup

Water isn’t the only thing that can damage your home’s interior once it gets inside. The dirt and dust that can collect in the corners of your windows after every storm are also huge culprits when it comes to home damage. Even if you do your best to clean your windows thoroughly after a burst of bad weather, it can be hard to pick up all the dirt and dust in every crack, especially when so much of it is already circling around everywhere, compromising the quality of the air you breathe. If you or a family member has allergies or asthma, this can pose serious problems. What storm windows do is to keep foreign bodies out of your windows and gutters, and out of your air supply. Not only do storm windows provide protection against harmful infiltration by water and bacteria, they keep out potentially dangerous dirt and dust particles which, if allowed to build up, could even present a fire hazard in the drier months.

They Reduce UV Ray Infiltration

A temperature-controlled home doesn’t just mean lower heating and cooling bills. It also means instant protection from harmful sun exposure when it comes to your family members, your valuables, and your furniture. On a cold winter’s day, no one wants to have to block out the sun by pulling down the blinds or relying on blackout curtains. Storm windows can protect from faded interiors and painful glares while still harnessing the thermal power of the sun to give your home comfortable, reliable protection through the year.